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Artist and Printmaker

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Chowwai Cheung is an artist living and working in Devon, UK.


Her work is informed by the landscape and coastal areas around her. Intrigued by rock formations and shape of the land, she works primarily with geometric landscapes that emphasise the spatial boundaries, between shape and form. Drawing inspiration from recollection and imagined places.


Chowwai’s working practice focuses on painting and printmaking. 


Her prints are all individually handmade, drawn and cut onto collagraph plates, working in intaglio. It gives her access to build the hard-edged shapes, soft translucent tones and textures – intuitively working within every area of her work. She finishes each piece in acrylic, giving her freedom to develop and conclude each piece. Each of her handmade prints are usually unique one off works on archival paper and occasionally working to a small variable edition in her studio in Devon. 



Chowwai trained at Manchester Metropolitan University specialising in Printed Textiles. Graduating in 1992 with a 1st class BA honours. Her work has been represented internationally and has regularly exhibited in group exhibitions including the Royal academy summer exhibition, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Royal West of England Academy and the National Open Print Exhibition. She continues to receive commissions from corporations and private collectors.

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