Artist and Printmaker



Born and bought up in Leicestershire.


Chowwai studied at Manchester Metropolitan University (1989-92) for a B A Honours degree in Textile/Fashion specialising in Printed Textiles gaining a 1st class degree. 


Moving to Devon in 1996 where she currently lives, and works. 


Artist Statement 


My work is inspired by the landscapes of the Southwest, especially those of Devon and Dorset. I am fascinated by rock formations, and the shape of the land that is formed by this strong underlying geometry; which both set, and emphasise, the boundaries, between shape and form. I seek to express, a suggestive ambiguity in my work, which in multiple ways, explores the interactions, and tensions between depth, and surface.


My primary practice is hand finished collagraphs. Every process of my work is done by hand, they are usually one off works on paper and occasionally work to a small edition. I am repeatedly drawn back to collagraph, as I find it gives me access to both the hard-edged shapes, soft translucent tones and textures – that can be built intuitively within each layer of ink. Each work is finished in acrylic, which gives me the creative freedom to further develop, and conclude each piece.


In addition to my original prints I work on mixed media collages an extension to my collagraph printmaking.